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Hammer meets Nail

October 5, 2010

Now that the Vitesse family is reunited, Hammer has even less time to himself. He gets up early in the morning just so he can do his homework in peace. 

Of course, he even his early morning studying is not enough; Hammer frequently misses the bus while finishing up the last few homework questions. As a result, he often has to ride his bike to school and ends up arriving late.

Thankfully, after school he can usually bum a ride off a classmate – so long as he doesn’t dawdle.

Not having a car sucks big time for Hammer. When he wants to hang out at the pool hall, he has to wait until his neighbour, Mr Tocante can give him a ride. Of course, the only time that Mr Tocante is willing to drive into town is at 6am, so none of Hammer school friends are there to hang out. And playing foosball with Mr Tocante just isn’t that cool.

Hammer was sure his social life would be heading down the tubes, but then his parents surprised him on his 16th birthday. They’d scraped together enough money to buy an old truck, and then spent hours fixing it up so that any high schooler would love to have it. “Happy Birthday, Hammer!” they cheered.

Hammer couldn’t beleive it. What an awesome birthday present! A little freedom would make a huge difference in Hammer’s school performance AND his social life. Now, what to name his truck? The answer is obvious: Nail.

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