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Reunited and it feels… like a nice pickup?

October 1, 2010

Things just get harder and harder for the Vitesse Family.

One evening, just as Randi and Shark get Hammer settled in bed, the home alarm goes off. Thankfully, Hammer is a sound sleeper, but his parents are startled and stumble out the door and down the front steps.

To their horror, they find a bugular about to hotwire the cars. The CARS!

Shark is about to call the cops, when Randi jumps the bugular yelling, “Get your hands off my hot rod!”

Thankfully Officer Jeb arrives before Randi can do much damage. After Jeb loads the burgular into the cruiser, he stops and turns towards Randi, “Hey, aren’t you Randi Vitesse?” Randi slowly nods. He continues, “Didn’t you use to ride with Curt Windham’s SIMCAR team?”

Again, Randi nods. Jeb continues, “What happened? I haven’t seen you on the circuit in years. You coulda been something!” Randi explains that she gave up her career in SIMCAR racing in order to raise her family. It wrenched her heart to give up racing, but her family just meant too much to her. Jeb understands. “Yeah, I’d be detective now too, if I didn’t have a family. But balancing family life and a career is not easy.” He walks back to the cruiser, and then turns back, “Real shame. You woulda gone all the way.”

In the days that followed, Randi couldn’t shake her gloom. Just when Shark thought it couldn’t get any worse, relief came. Their daughters Goldi and Guppi came to visit to cheer up their mother. And they brought good news.

Guppi explained to her mother that she and Goldi were old enough to be released from foster car, and that they had both decided to move back in with the Vitesse family!

Goldi shared the news with Shark and was greeted with a hearty hug. “We’re do glad!” Their parents exclaimed. That’s when Guppi noticed the worried look on Hammer’s face. “Don’t worry, little brother. We’ll build our own apartment – you won’t have to share a room with your sisters.” Hammer looked relieved, and thus the construction began. Money was still tight for Vitesse family, but Goldi and Guppi both got jobs, and there was enough cash to build a modest apartment next to the garage-house.

“This place is starting to get crowded,” said Hammer. Everyone just smiled. Crowded? Maybe, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. seaweedy permalink
    October 1, 2010 1:25 pm

    I’m glad the girls are home. What great news.

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