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Putting a Dream on Hold

September 21, 2010

In the days after bringing home the twins, Randi and Shark seemed to have a handle on things. She tended the girls at home while Shark continued to work at the theatre.

Randi even found time to keep an eye on SIMCAR events using her telescope. Was Team Llama preparing for a comeback with the recruitment of Baldo LaVite? Randi ached to get back into the action.

As the babies grew into toddlers, Randi still suffered from a lack of time. Between work and family responsibilities, she rarely had time to work on her car, Bait. Even after Shark built a play center in the car port for the girls to watch “Mommy” work, Randi was usually too exhausted to get much done.

As the days wore on, things seemed to get worse. The twins were demanding, sahrk was busy with the band, and Randi was at her wits’ end.

 To make matters worse, the couple missed a couple credit card payments, and the repo man showed up to repossess the stove.

That’s when they decided that things had to change. Shark cut back his hours at the theatre, they hired a babysitter to help out around the house, and they decided to put SIMCAR plans on hold until the girls were in school. For now, they would get their finances in order, and spend time with their daughters.

And sure enough, their efforts were rewarded. By making their family a priority, the girls were growing up to be remarkable young ladies who took care of chores so that randi could get back under the hood of Bait. In fact, Guppi and Goldi appeared to have inhertited Randi and Shark’s strong work ethic; they worked hard and slept soundly.

And just when it seemed possible for Randi to finally get serious about finding a SIMCAR team of her own, she woke up early one morning to a familiar discovery…here we go again!

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