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Look at our baby! (Oh, and the newborn twins are cute too.)

September 19, 2010

Randi comes home from work one day feeling exhausted and a little sick to her stomach. Shark expresses concern when she says that she doesn’t feeling like eating her dinner of macaroni, cheese, and hotdogs (her favourite), but she shrugs it off claiming that it must be the new motor oil she’s been using at work that must be making her queasy.

Two minutes later, however, she bent over the toilet and Shark knows something is up. He saw the same symptoms at work last week when Violet, the drummer, found out she was pregnant. And sure enough, Randi stops by the hospital on the way to work the next day and is informed that she should be expecting a new arrival any day.

Shark is elated, but worried that the mandatory maternity leave will upset Randi. How wrong! Randi takes advantage of the enforced vacation to work on Shark’s car. The shiny black surface gets a red and blue repaint, and Randi officially adopts the car as her own, leaving Junebug as Shark’s commuter vehicle. Randi appropriately names Shark’s suped-up car, Bait. She treats it like a baby.  Well, the kind of baby that you take fast around sharp curves.

In the days leading up to delivery, the couple spend a lot of time in the car port. Shark brushes up on his guitar skills while Randi tinkers away on the cars. Then, one evening while the two are burning the midnight oil, Randi rolls out from under Bait with excruciating pains. Shark recognizes the signs once more, and ushers Randi into the passenger seat. She won’t have any of it, and insists that she will drive them to the hospital, so Shark has no choice but to strap on his seatbelt and trust Randi’s road skills.

They arrive in record time, and before morning, the family doubles in size with two sweet little girls: Guppi and Goldi. Shark takes the whole family home (Randi relents and allows him to drive), when they all take a sleep soundly. Shark is overwhelmed with the responsibility of fatherhood, but all Randi can think is, “Finally – two new members for my pit crew!”

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  1. seaweedy permalink
    September 21, 2010 1:41 pm

    What a dad! Gotta love his thinking!

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