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A Garage (aka the place we sleep when we’re not working on our cars)

September 18, 2010

Randi’s recent wedding to Shark brought her some fortuitous surprises. When they pulled into the driveway after the wedding, Randi noticed a second vehicle in the car port. “Where did *that* come from?” she asked.

“Oh that?” shrugged Shark. “It was my high school graduation present. Why?”

Randi can hardly believe her luck. A car like this could pay for some serious upgrades to their tiny home. At the same time, could she really bear to part with such a sweet ride? Just last season, Bobby Donovan, a SIMCAR contender, drove a suped-up version of Shark’s car and finished in the top 10. Aggh! Such a dilemma!

In the end, Randi and Shark decide to keep the car – for now. And after a few weeks of hard work (Randi at the police station and Shark at the theatre), they manage to make some needed renovations to the garage/house including expanding the car ports so that Shark’s car will be protected from the elements.

Their house before:

And after the renovations:

Things are looking good for the Vitesse Family. Could a local race be in Randi’s near future?

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