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Randi finds a hot rod

September 15, 2010

After settling into her large ( but mostly empty) lot in the back hills of Twinbrook, Randi realizes that she’ll never achieve her dream of SIMCAR stardom without some cash. So, she gets a job at the local police station maintaining the vehicle fleet. Not only does it help her to hone her mechanical skills, but as a police officer she occasionally gets to flash the lights, turn up the siren, and drive full throttle in her own cruiser.

As much as Randi loves the car aspect of her job, she needs a break now and then, and find it through fitness. She spends plenty of her off-hours hanging out at the local pool or health club. That’s where she first spots Shark Racket. She gets to know him when he’s only a teenager, so she never takes it further than a good friendship. But then, after weeks without seeing him at all, they have a chance encounter at the local library.

Randi doesn’t recognize Shark at first. He still has his wild long hair, but he seems more subdued and at peace with himself. It turns out that Shark spent a semester abroad in Egypt and his experience helped calm his conflicted soul. Shark was no longer caught up in the shady plans of his family (the rich but notorious Racket Gang). Withhis newfound freedom of spirit, it doesn’t take long for Randi and Shark to resume their friendship and develop romantic intentions.

 In a matter of days, they are engaged and decide to throw a wedding party in the old amphitheatre close to Randi’s house. The invite Randi’s coworkers and a few of their mutual friends, but Shark’s family ignore the event, disproving of Shark’s choice and considering Randi to be below their social class.

However, even without Shark’s family (or perhaps because of their absence), the wedding party is a success, and the local rock star even attends and plays a tune for the newlyweds. Randi is happy to have found love, and even happier to have a parter who will support her in her SIMCAR dreams.

What will the future bring? Can Randi move from poor orphan to SIMCAR champ in a single generation, or will be have to lay the foundation for a future Vitesse family member to reach glory?

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