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Randi Vitesse – A Fast Lane Legacy Founder

September 14, 2010

When I picked up a copy of the Sims 3 (TS3) stuff pack The Fast Lane, I was insprired to create a family that would maximize the items available through the stuff pack. At the same time, I read a twitter post about another simmer’s legacy blog and decided that after 10+ years of playing the Sims, it was time for me to try my own Legacy family.


My plan is to develop a Legacy in which each generation takes a different approach to the Car Enthusiast theme. For example, one generation may be a pick-up junkie, another woudl be an antique collector. The specific style of car and decor will depend on the personality of that particular heir.

Unlike the strict Legacy rules, I will not limit myself to all male/female leadership. Instead, I’ll select the heir depending on which child I feel would tell the best car story for the next generation.

Here’s the Legacy Founder, Randi Vitesse.

 She’s an orphan who remembers little about her birth parents except for memrories of a raceway and the word “SIMCAR.” Sim Social Services could provide her with little details of her parents, but she is sure that they were drivers in the elite SIMCAR circuit. It’s Randi’s dream to one day win a spot on the SIMCAR circuit herself and return the Vitesse name to raceway glory.

I am playing my Legacy using the Twinbrook neighbourhood. I figured that since Randi has SIMCAR aspirations, what better place to make those dream come true than a Southern-style city when NASCAR is religion.

At the moment, however, Randi’s dream seems far away. She has little money beyong a few hundred simoleons. She was able to use her last stipend from Sim Social Services to purchase a large lot far outside town. It’s a long drive from services (and a potential job), but Randi was also abel to use some of the left over cash to buy an ol’ junker.

Randi has named the car “Junebug” and hopes that it will bring her luck on the road to glory.

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  1. seaweedy permalink
    September 16, 2010 1:12 pm

    Great start!

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